Our mission is to help and encourage our customer to live a healthy and energetic life. The products and service that we offer to the customers are all designed for supporting to realize their own goals in every possible scene, from trainings to competition races. We aim for developing much better products with which the customer can concentrate in physical exercises and improve the performance without any stresses.


We will create idealistic products suitable for each of sports, and realize its marketing opportunity.



I serve as chief executive officer of Prokidai Co., Ltd. With the knowledge and experience of product development that I got in the previous vehicle –related job, I would like to make every effort in producing innovative products to offer our customers fantastic experiences.

Biography (Kazuaki Shibata)

1970: Given a birth in Shijonawate city, Osaka

1998 – 2004 Worked for a race car engine developer company as an engineer.

2005 Joined and engaged to work as a car engine expert, in Prokidai. Co., Ltd (established in 1995)

2010 Started in research and development of ‘AirFit’, sport-based heart rate sensor electrode

2015 International patent application for ‘AirFit’

2017 Domestic patent in Japan for ‘AirFit’ granted.


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